Stu is a self-taught photographer, a self-professed flâneur and a graduate of human geography. After spending many years practicing these skills seperately, it recently became clear that they could become a powerful combination. He is still working on a unifying term for the trinity of practices. Geophlâneur will do for now. 

As a photographer, he has won various awards. Namely, the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards 2010 for images gathered in China that year. His images have featured in TimeOut London, Vogue, Homes & Gardens, Essex Life, The Guardian and various frames on his Mums wall. 

As a human geographer, he studied at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth taking a keen interest in people and place. He is currently working on an extensive study of Edgware Road, a straight Roman road linking Marble Arch with the town of Edgware. 

As a flâneur, Stu takes inspiration from the likes of Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr and other greats who took to the streets armed with nothing but a good pair of shoes, a large dose of intrigue and a camera. 

For the past couple of years he has run street photography walks and workshops around the maze of London with a great company called Fox&Squirrel. These walks have been picked-up by Getty Images, STA Travel and The Idler Academy

Stu also photographs weddings around the World. You can see how he captures the love, HERE












+44(0)7403202523 / stubees@me.com

If you have any exciting projects that you think Stu might enjoy, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Try not to implode. 

Much love!