Masterclass in Street Photography by Stu J Beesley

This September I will be running a Masterclass in Street Photography with The Idler Academy

It will be happening in Notting Hill/Westbourne Grove post-carnival. So expect it to be calm. Perfect conditions for documenting this soon to be changed (if plans to build a giant Westfield shopping centre in its heart go ahead) district of West London. 

Check out the details HERE

Meet Leroy Sewah by Stu J Beesley

Meet Leroy Sewah. Leroy moved to England from his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago in 1952. He lives on Star Road in Uxbridge. He is 82 years old and recently widowed from his wife Sheila. They were married for 52 years. I met Leroy whilst photographing his house for an estate agent. He is planning to leave the family home and buy two properties. One in Trinidad and the other on the south coast of England, possibly Hastings. I was taken by his hopeful sadness and hope he sees out his days in peace. 

Catarina Riccabona @ London Craft Week by Stu J Beesley

During London Craft Week weaver Catarina Riccabona set-up her loom at the alter of St James Church, Piccadilly. For two days she sat under Grinling Gibbons' epic woodcarving and used the environment to inspire a new set of woven samples. 

Under the shadow of Grinling Gibbons

Disperate Doorsteps of Edgware Road by Stu J Beesley


Edgware Road, the line I've decided to wander along continuosly until something catches my eye, is a fascinating example of Londons sweeping changes over relatively tiny distances. From Shoot-Up Hill to Church Street and a road either side East or West, you witness gravitational changes in architecture, culture, mood, etiquette and more.