Lola Lely - The Final Atelier Resident by Stu J Beesley


Young designer Lola Lely drew the The New Craftmen's Atelier series to a close last week with her 'Design Reconstruction' residency. 

It's been a pleasure photographing the four artists in the calm environment of The New Craftmen's Mayfair store over the past few weeks. Learning how they create their pieces and what drives them has been very inspirational. 

The rest of the series can be seen HERE

The New Craftsmen - Atelier by Stu J Beesley

Over the next few weeks I will be documenting the Atelier (workshop of an artist) residencies taking place at The New Craftsmen in Mayfair. The shop floor will be handed over to four craftsmen and women who will make the space their own and produce a range of new and exclusive work while in residency. 

The first to take to the floor was illustrator and ceramicist, Laura Carlin

The second craftsmen to make the Mayfair store their own was potter, Stuart Carey.

Weaver and textile designer Catarina Riccabona came equipped with high-tech loom. 



Retirement field by Stu J Beesley

The Home of Rest for Horses, The Chiltern Hills

The Chilterns are home for hundreds of retired working horses, many of which have served in the police, the army and various charity sectors. The Home of Rest for Horses was set-up in 1886 and spent many years in Cricklewood just 4miles from central London. Unfortunately, the 20acres of pasture land eventually succumbed to unstoppable urban sprawl, despite a majority of the four-legged residents coming from the middle of the metropolis. In 1934, the home was forced to relocate out into the Chiltern Hills. They may have complained at the time but I think they got a pretty good deal. 

Cabin Porn by Stu J Beesley

The images below are to be featured in the upcoming Cabin Porn book. It may sound dirty but it's actually just a book full of isolated cabins from around the world. The featured cabin is nestled on the shore of Killary Harbour in Leenaun, Ireland. In local tongue, Leenaun translates to An Líonán meaning 'where the tide fills'. It is one of only three fjords in Ireland.

Take a look at the Cabin Porn website HERE. Some amazing cabins built in some crazy places!

Folk in a Tree by Stu J Beesley

The Beulah Band up a tree in Cricklewood.

The Beulah Band up a tree in Cricklewood.

As part of the Flanaghan Collective, The Beulah Band formed while writing and performing two folk musicals named Beulah and Babylon. A beautiful bunch of human beans! 

Check out what they're up to when they're not in trees with randomly places objects and fake candle light, HERE

Where it all began... by Stu J Beesley

Tagong Grasslands in China is where my journey into the World of photography began. The image below, although not my favourite, was responsible for my Travel Photographer of the Year award in 2010. 


I arrived in Tagong during a major Buddhist Festival a few days before a full solar eclipse. A two-day horse trek with a group of Tibetan Yak herders led me to this pray flagged wonderland. 

The first post of many... by Stu J Beesley

"All the technique in the World doesn't compensate for the inability to notice" Elliott Erwitt

Street Photography is simply about being ready for and noticing that fleeting moment. The moment when things align themselves just for you.